Morgan Map table

It’s a very rare and special client who would leap at the option of a bit of woodwormy walnut.  But then, only someone rare and special would want a glass-topped coffee table made to display a relief map of Switzerland containing a thousand memories of trips taken and experiences had.  The swirls and contours of the walnut’s grain echoed the summits and troughs of the Jura and the Alps.  I nuked the woodworm.

Dimensions – 950 x 719 x 440

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Refectory tables

Two refectory tables, both made with oak and walnut. One, intended for use as a conference table, made from three-metre lengths of burr-oak with removable slots in the central walnut for data cables, and the other for a family kitchen, designed to take an adapted chair underneath.  Both of them involved a lot of heavy lifting and light thinking.  Gorgeous, and incredibly rewarding.

First table: 3000L x 800W x 760H
Second table: 2000 x 1100 x 760

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Forest oak kitchen table

This is a direct copy of the clients’ existing kitchen table – they wanted a free-standing extension for friends and family.  It’s an oak from the Forest of Dean which they had already sawn and seasoned, and they wanted the wood left raw so it could be tinted to match later.  There’s something very satisfying about making furniture from a home tree and this, with all its pips and burrs, came up really beautifully.

2000 x 380 x 43.  Height 760

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Sycamore A-Frame Table

These are actually two separate tables, both made of sycamore.  One was made for the kitchen in an old 17th century farmhouse and the other for a modern 70’s open-plan kitchen / dining area.  In both, the tables fitted like they’d been made for the place.  In forestry terms sycamore seeds itself so enthusiastically it’s often thought of as a weed but it can also be outstandingly beautiful, as richly fiddlebacked as the sections which luthiers use for making instruments.

First table: (two top boards) 1800 x 1000 x 750.  Top 40mm thick.
Second table: (five top boards) 1800 x 980 x 760. Top 35mm thick.

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Garway Oak Coffee Tables

Two different coffee tables, one round, one oval, both made from 300-year-old oak joists holding up a cider mill which were chucked on a bonfire when renovations were being done.   The tables are designed to show off the depth of this wood’s history – the handmade nails and square pegs, the burrs and bluestains and starry steel – but you could commission anything from the joists which remain.

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Often, people want a piece of furniture to fit a particular need or space - they've just moved house and their old desk / kitchen table / bed doesn't fit, or they've had a bit of timber knocking about for years which they'd love to have turned into something personal. If you've got a project you want to discuss then email me, and we'll work something out.

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